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Whether you are staining your cabinets, painting a room, shutters, or looking for a new finish on your countertops, Klinger Lumber is here for you! We offer premium paints and stains by Benjamin Moore and other top brands you’re familiar with.

Our advanced computer systems lets you find the perfect paint color to match whatever your needs are! Choose an existing paint color from the sample displays we have in store. Our paint matching tool will then analyze and collect data from the chosen color, with a color library of over thousands of paint colors to find the closest match. Once the program identifies the closest match, it generates a color recipe to create the paint. Paint pigment is then added according to the recipe, then mixed appropriately. After mixture is completed, the paint is applied to a small test area to ensure the color matches. If the color does not seem like a perfect match, the recipe gets adjusted and mixed until the color is an exact match.

Not sure what color to go for? Let our knowledgeable employees help you choose the right shade with tons of samples to pick from. Our computer paint matching services are free and don’t require an appointment.

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